Othello #2: Life Lesson in the form of Iago


In the story Othello, Iago was thought to be a kind and loyal companion who tells only the truth and what he thinks, especially to Othello…in the characters’ points of views. However as the reader, we all he is anything but. Iago from the start openly admits he is an enemy of Othello and will help Roderigo take Desdemona from her new husband. Yet, the second he is around Othello or Desdemona he makes himself seem like their buddy and such. Further in the story, Iago makes Cassio (Othello’s new lieutent) lose his position and gains it himself, makes it seem as if Desdemona is cheating on Othello with Cassio, has Othello go into a jealous rage, has Roderigo try to kill Cassio (after making Roderigo lose all his money), and in the end Iago’s meddling causes the death of Desdemona at the hands of her husband…and all with no reason besides not getting the lieutent position at first.


Why am I talking about a book from Shakespeare when this blog is suppose to be about mythes, mayhem, and memes? Well I thought this book touches upon the darker half of life. Like in life, we would always believe in our best friends, that they would never betray us, that they are totally kind and friendly, you don’t ever doubt them a second…but then the harsh truth comes out, many do. Sometimes we do end up misplacing our trust onto friends that don’t really care for us, even if we were so sure of the person. Sad to say, those are also the type of person that will use our trust against us to do harm. To me the story of Othello is trying to teach us a life lesson. To always be careful of those we trust and don’t take everything at face value. This idea that came from Othello would help us in life, to be more prepared for the worst in our friends so it won’t be as bad…or it is trying to say not to trust anyone. You know, it just depends if you want to trust them.


Othello: 1st post~

In our current AP English class, our teacher decided to read about Othello. Now we got pretty far in the story and should finish it any day now. So, might as well tell what the story seems to convey or/and compare it to events (occurrences) and society norms in real life.

In many ways, Othello points out some of societies (and human) flaws that still are present today. The idea of evil being anywhere in your life. Othello represents the monster of jealousy and suspicion we humans can become. In the story Othello, Desdemona remained faithful ever since they married around a week before. Othello believed that he loved Desdemona, yet a single “thought” from Iago changed Othello from a kind and caring husband and friend into a raging jealous beast that doubts his own wife without cause. In the end, he does not kill the supposed reason his wife was “unfaithful” but rather killed Desdemona without hearing her side of the story, only because of suspicion.

Yet this story does have a sad truth to it. From jealousy, humans can do unbelievably dark thinks. While in the story Othello tries to smother his wife to death (which is quite dark), today husbands do much worse. On the news, a Mexican husband records himself cutting off his wife’s head for cheating on him. Now, judging how Mr.Theriault reacted so amazing last time I showed a gruesome picture on one of my posts (which I removed by the ways)…I decided to you tell you how to find it on google. Just look up “Man kills wife for cheating”. Amazing what the internet has now doesn’t it?

Innovative meme helps me?!

As I said before in a previous post, my class is working on a project focused on innovation. I was struggling to do the project since I thought I was suppose to come up with my own innovation. I was going stir crazy trying to come up with an idea to get a good grade on this project, thinking that it had to be some huge totally useful project that would be liked by anyone…until I talked to Mr. Theriault and saw this picture:


This picture helped me understand that innovation doesn’t have to be all inspiring and a totally new idea that fixes a major problem. It can be solving a problem as small as just stirring batter mix for a cake, solved by attaching a pair of scissors to a drill. Such a small problem and such a simple solution…yet it is still innovation. For this project, I realize that I don’t have to come up with complex solution to a world wide problem, I just need to come up with a solution to fill a need that I see or think our community has.

The Manure Pile

In my English class, we were introduced to a new process called Bad Idea Farming. It’s main uses was to come up with bad ideas that we can exclude from out class project. Mr. Theriault tells the class to go form groups to come up with some bad ideas for needs and come up with a name for the process. So I am pitching the name, the Manure Pile, since all those bad ideas will contribute to the growth of better ideas to come. Basically we are suppose to find needs and fill them (…no jokes).

So we begin to come up with ideas for needs and problems we know about. Mr. Theriault also comes and reminds us about a problem with traffic…then comes the interesting part. Theriault tells us that people should be able to have these dart guns that people can shoot at cars with horrible drivers, and for every dart the car is sucked up and put into a sort of time out. So Cong, a friend of mine, comes up with an idea on how to deal with horrible drivers all together. Two words…Rocket Launchers. His brilliant idea is attaching rocket launchers to street lights, and having it fire at bad drivers. I say…LETS DO IT! It would totally get rid of our traffic problems and force people to actually drive well from now on, at risk of being to smithereens. All I can say is, why stop at street lights? Why not add it to cars as well to let the people decide? (there will be a warning system of course)

I’m a bad driver? OH H3LL~ NO!

I’m was just waiting for the fall…

Everyone things they have a cruddy job. “Oh man, I had to clean the bathroom today! Dude it was so dirty! I mean $h** was everywhere!” or “My manager is such a jerk, he made me actually work today! Man, if want me to work you should have hired someone more expensive!”

Well I would say this guy has a much worse job than most people have. He is a radio tower repairman. What does that mean? check out the video and see.

By now I hope you have finished watching that video. The entire time I was just waiting for the moment where he screws up and falls to his doom. I am so optimistic, I know. ANYWAYS so I was thinking this video is sort of “mayhem” since it was an activity seems pretty…I don’t know… LIFE RISKING! Who would want to take this job without being drunk first?…maybe he is? Anyways it may not be a job with a lot of mayhem, but I am sure if  I took it, don’t expect the radio tower to turn back on anytime soon.

Kuchisake Onna “The Slit-Mouth Woman”

Hello everybody 😀 It’s that time of year again, where everyone begins preparing for Halloween! People of all ages going out to buy costumes, adults buying candy to give away, teenagers scaring and looting, etc. Well I decided to be a little festive this year. As the first of many myths to come to my blog, lets me tell about the Japanese myth of the Kuchisake Onna.

The Kuchisake Onna or translated as, “The Slit-Mouth Woman” is Japanese myth and folklore that spread in the 1970s. This woman was supposedly a very beautiful woman with an abusive husband. One day, the husband got drunk off sake and accused the woman of having an affair. In his anger he grabbed a pair of scissors, and cut her mouth from ear to ear. The lady later became a vengeful spirit that went city to city, town to town, attacking children and teenagers on the street.


The myth goes as someone (in this case you) on the way home from school alone, there will be a noise from the shadows. A beautiful woman will be standing there, with long black hair and is wearing a beige trench coat. The lower half of her face is covered with a surgical mask (common during flu season in Japan). She will approach you and block your path. She will then ask you if she is beautiful, ripping off the surgical mask showing her deformed face. She will have a huge mouth going ear from ear, rows of sharp teeth, and a large, long, red tongue swirling about inside.

At this moment you can answer in three ways. One way is you stutter out in fear , answering “yes”. If you do so, the Slit-Mouth Woman will begin to smile as she takes her large pair of scissors and cut your mouth ear to ear, saying “now you are too” and then vanish. Another way is to answer “no”, in this case she will kill you by cutting you in half with her scissors. The only way to survive this encounter, is to give a non-committal answer, like “you are average”. This will confuse her and give you enough time to run away and escape.

The terrifying part of about this story is its correlation to real life. In 2007, a coroner found some old records from the late 1970s about a woman who was chasing little children but was hit by a car, and died shortly afterwards. Her mouth…was reportedly ripped ear to ear.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed todays myth and hope to see you guys have a happy month…bwa…bwahahahahah!