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The Manure Pile

In my English class, we were introduced to a new process called Bad Idea Farming. It’s main uses was to come up with bad ideas that we can exclude from out class project. Mr. Theriault tells the class to go form groups to come up with some bad ideas for needs and come up with a name for the process. So I am pitching the name, the Manure Pile, since all those bad ideas will contribute to the growth of better ideas to come. Basically we are suppose to find needs and fill them (…no jokes).

So we begin to come up with ideas for needs and problems we know about. Mr. Theriault also comes and reminds us about a problem with traffic…then comes the interesting part. Theriault tells us that people should be able to have these dart guns that people can shoot at cars with horrible drivers, and for every dart the car is sucked up and put into a sort of time out. So Cong, a friend of mine, comes up with an idea on how to deal with horrible drivers all together. Two words…Rocket Launchers. His brilliant idea is attaching rocket launchers to street lights, and having it fire at bad drivers. I say…LETS DO IT! It would totally get rid of our traffic problems and force people to actually drive well from now on, at risk of being to smithereens. All I can say is, why stop at street lights? Why not add it to cars as well to let the people decide? (there will be a warning system of course)

I’m a bad driver? OH H3LL~ NO!


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