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Othello: 1st post~

In our current AP English class, our teacher decided to read about Othello. Now we got pretty far in the story and should finish it any day now. So, might as well tell what the story seems to convey or/and compare it to events (occurrences) and society norms in real life.

In many ways, Othello points out some of societies (and human) flaws that still are present today. The idea of evil being anywhere in your life. Othello represents the monster of jealousy and suspicion we humans can become. In the story Othello, Desdemona remained faithful ever since they married around a week before. Othello believed that he loved Desdemona, yet a single “thought” from Iago changed Othello from a kind and caring husband and friend into a raging jealous beast that doubts his own wife without cause. In the end, he does not kill the supposed reason his wife was “unfaithful” but rather killed Desdemona without hearing her side of the story, only because of suspicion.

Yet this story does have a sad truth to it. From jealousy, humans can do unbelievably dark thinks. While in the story Othello tries to smother his wife to death (which is quite dark), today husbands do much worse. On the news, a Mexican husband records himself cutting off his wife’s head for cheating on him. Now, judging how Mr.Theriault reacted so amazing last time I showed a gruesome picture on one of my posts (which I removed by the ways)…I decided to you tell you how to find it on google. Just look up “Man kills wife for cheating”. Amazing what the internet has now doesn’t it?


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