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Othello #2: Life Lesson in the form of Iago


In the story Othello, Iago was thought to be a kind and loyal companion who tells only the truth and what he thinks, especially to Othello…in the characters’ points of views. However as the reader, we all he is anything but. Iago from the start openly admits he is an enemy of Othello and will help Roderigo take Desdemona from her new husband. Yet, the second he is around Othello or Desdemona he makes himself seem like their buddy and such. Further in the story, Iago makes Cassio (Othello’s new lieutent) lose his position and gains it himself, makes it seem as if Desdemona is cheating on Othello with Cassio, has Othello go into a jealous rage, has Roderigo try to kill Cassio (after making Roderigo lose all his money), and in the end Iago’s meddling causes the death of Desdemona at the hands of her husband…and all with no reason besides not getting the lieutent position at first.


Why am I talking about a book from Shakespeare when this blog is suppose to be about mythes, mayhem, and memes? Well I thought this book touches upon the darker half of life. Like in life, we would always believe in our best friends, that they would never betray us, that they are totally kind and friendly, you don’t ever doubt them a second…but then the harsh truth comes out, many do. Sometimes we do end up misplacing our trust onto friends that don’t really care for us, even if we were so sure of the person. Sad to say, those are also the type of person that will use our trust against us to do harm. To me the story of Othello is trying to teach us a life lesson. To always be careful of those we trust and don’t take everything at face value. This idea that came from Othello would help us in life, to be more prepared for the worst in our friends so it won’t be as bad…or it is trying to say not to trust anyone. You know, it just depends if you want to trust them.


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