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Anosognosia: You don’t know…you don’t know

Now, for those who don’t know what anosognosia is, it is the idea of people being unaware of the existence of their own disability or being too ignorant to know that they are ignorant. For those who understood the idea congratulations, you got it quicker than I did.

For people who don’t know it, it is the idea that a person is so ignorant, that they did not know what they did or will do is not possible. Or another example is a person who was coming up with solutions to problems, did not think of one solution due to not knowing about a problem. Get it? Good.

Why did I decide to throw this word out there and explain it? The reason is, people (especially students) have this mental illness…well not exactly this. I just wanted to warn students that they are doing an imitation, due to students not willing to think before they do…or don’t do. Students, with their carefree nature and their idea of “no homework during the weekend, that is a time to relax” prevents them from thinking that they should check to see if there is homework or quizzes coming up right after the weekend. In the end it is just poor insight. This can become a habit and thus affect your future. So basically shape up guys, think before you act…or in this case always think out everything to insure you don’t get bit on the butt later on.



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