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Books Books Books!

Now for those who don’t know, my class has begun a project on creating innovation or at least doing something that people haven’t done before (or haven’t done often). Not everyone is that creative in thinking of innovation sadly…luckily we can team up! SO I have been thinking over if I should do my idea myself, or work with my friend Cong on doing his innovation idea. Then I realized what I can work with, I loved books as a child!

The idea that I thought up for my project was doing a book donation service to children hospitals or elementary schools. Not random books though, I would only be collecting children’s books (obviously…I’m not crazy enough to give children full-fledged novels). Set up donation boxes in my school library and office ^__^ best idea ever! Alright guys be sure to look out for those boxes in a few weeks. Got to start making it first.


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