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Gulliver’s Travels and the World

As you all know, I am taking an AP English class this year and thus must read appropriate books. A name caught my interest as I skimmed through the books that would be considered “AP”. The book was called: Gulliver’s Travels. As I read the book, I was marveled by the amazing creatures and species that Gulliver came across by accident, like the small species of people who tied him up…but also fed him whenever he wanted…strange beings. And that got me to remember, there is a movie on Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black!

I have yet to watch the movie yet, but since I am enjoying the beginning of the book (even thought it is in the old language) I’m pretty sure I will love the modern twist on the novel. However, I can see there will be some differences between the movie and the novel. The novel focused on Gulliver traveling to many different places, and not just his discovery of the smaller race. If you look at the movie cover, you can see Gulliver standing over a town and nothing else. It can be deduced that the movie will revolve around his encounter with the smaller race and town, making it different from the novel (which Gulliver has travels, finding many species and different people).

In the end, I am sure the novel will hold many more surprises for me to enjoy since I am still just in the beginning. I am also going to watch the movie itself, and hopefully with Jack Black playing Gulliver, I can enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the novel.


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