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The “Killer” End of Hamlet

FINALLY~! My APEL class has finally finished the Shakespearian novel Hamlet. I have to say, the end of the novel was quite interesting for me, with the main cast all dying (besides Horatio). My take on the end? It gave us a solid end to the story of revenge and betrayal, no disappointment that Prince Hamlet never got to marry Ophelia, no question on how the Queen would react with the death of her new husband and her son, and no ongoing continuation with the appearance of Fortenbras. In a sense, the ending scene gave us a fitting how all humans end up…dead.

I have to say though, the end of the story reminded me of many of Shakespeare’s other plays such as Othello and Romeo and Juliet. It almost seems to me he has a habit of killing off his main characters. This itself makes the novels he wrote different from today’s novels. Most of the time, it is always a happy end, or at least a ending with the protagonists surviving. Shakespeare’s novel represent TO ME of a era where death is a common thing at a young age, and shows how different our society (and our standards in writing) are different today.


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