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Books for the Box: PROGRESS

Last time I wrote on my blog about my APEL project it was still just the planning out and letting you guys know it will be coming soon. The progress on completing the boxes are close to done, though I still need to finish coloring them. While it seems that much hasn’t been done, I do have good news! I have made some progress on obtain some books! Ironically I got books before I even put the boxes out there in public…kind of sad in fact…
Box Dec
Anyways! I was able to obtain some donations from a few of my friends and relatives early and have some from my own shelf. There are some chapter books, but I was able to obtain some of those Ripley’s Believe it or Not style books too (that contain interesting facts and kids love). For the most part I can do the first donation soon and afterwards set out the book donation boxes at our school library and hopefully class. Keep an eye out people!


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