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Sci-Fi influences that came from Frankenstein

The novel Frankenstein is considered to be the predecessor for all sci-fi and sci-fi horror media today. Yet how much of an influence did it shape? To get a basic idea, one can simply see how similarities in media today have to Frankenstein.
One common theme that people have copied from the novel Frankenstein is the idea of man made monsters. Monsters such as the robots from the Terminator series, the movie IRobot, and Frankenstein movies are all examples of media taking ideas from Frankenstein.
For Terminator, the robotic monstrosities are first by Skynet, made as a way to improve life and make unbelievable discoveries in the field of science. Hmmm…what does that sound like to you? That’s right! IT’S VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN! Victor was also trying to test the limits of his abilities with science, via creating life. Skynet tried to do well for the people and to make improvements to their field as well! Only for Skynet it was robotics instead of just science. In addition, the robots because bloody and killed many people just like Frankenstein’s creature. The only difference is the monster tried to be good, while Terminators tried to kill regardless (unless you count the second and third movie of course). Now that I think about it, if Frankenstein had programmed or took care of the monster, would it have become like T-100 in the second and third movie, taking care of the people instead of killing them?
Now the fact that it stared Arnold was just the topping 😀 As for IRobot, the basic storyline is similar. Helper robots become monsters and attack the people and try to take over our lives…ok so it isn’t really that similar, but Terminator sure was!


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