Humankind less humane than animals?

Man-kind. Currently the species with the largest population and possibly since the beginning of the mammal age. If we look closely at the human race, it is noticeable that we humans have no superior physical qualities that has made us the “superior” species. The only factor that has raised humans up to the tip of the food chain, is our ability to think (self-consciousness) and create. Those elements are what make us human…but these traits are twisted to the point we become worse than animals.

One thing we humans pride ourselves on is our brain power and abilities to create new items, it is what makes our species so special. Humans are the only mammals to create such complex tools, from the common can opener to the ingenious internet. These inventions and innovations are solely found in the human race, as all other animals are only capable of less. However, the end result on what is invented and if it for the good of the people or not, depends on the creator. How are we humans sometimes less human than animals? Think about it. We humans have developed so many different types of weapons, in an effort to exterminate each other more effectively than the previous way. From spears to arrows to gun to missile launchers to bombs/bombers, it goes on and on. Weapons continue to develop to make the most efficient way to kill mass numbers with a single object. No other animal in our world kills their own species as much as we do! In order to obtain more land in the past, we humans have killed each other for territory. We have dropped nuclear bombs to win wars. While there is always a reason, it is still not a good thing.
Weapons evolution
Want more proof? Torture. Think about it. Torture did not just suddenly exist on our planet and no other animal really practices it either. I thing it is reasonable to say we, the human species, are the ones to develop/come up with torture. The act of inflicting as much physical or mental harm to another being in order to get information (or our own satisfaction) is cruel beyond belief. Criminals, government officials, and police forces around the world commit this heinous action, in secrecy or announce it to the public. One noticeable time period where torture was used most was during WWII, the Nazi’s killed and tortured millions of Jews, all because they had a different religion. During the dynasty period of china there were tortures such as finger crackers, where prisoners had there fingers put between iron rods and stringers were pulled so the iron rods would close together till the bones would break. Our history is full of with the creation of new and worse ways to harm each other.
Water Torture
While we humans have done some good for the people and the environment and it can be seen as “good” and “kind”, we humans have done as much wrong. In the end it is hard to tell if we humans are as grand as we seem.


Women and Feminism: Asking for equality or asking for more? The Intro

We have all heard it, from its beginning period of the early 1800s to present time. What once was thought as a fools idea of the past, seems to have grown to almost a religion to me…or even comparable to a samurai’s code for women today! Even the girls in my English class constantly talk about “women’s rights” and “equality for women”. The idea of women’s rights and equality is all good and well in my book, but in today’s present time…it feels that the end result of this movement has made a change. In fact…it seems to have become a revolution to pamper women and lessen the man in the interactions. This post will stir up some opinions, women will disagree in anger, men will agree in hope, and overall conflict will rule! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!…*ahem* sorry

husband vs wife

Now I know, some people out there are saying, “No, women are treated less fairly by men.” and “All we women want are equal rights”. Sure, if you were saying that in the late 1700s and 1800s I would agree women do deserve such treatment. However, in our current time period is it really necessary to rally and say women should have more power? It is common today for women in to all have equal rights as men, in the United States of America and our allies. So why the demand for more?…Think about it.

This is the intro to a post I will be making later on in the future. Please tell me if it is a good idea and if there is anything to fix.

Steps for a path to Success in obtaining boxes of books

My innovation project, while started pretty slow, seems to be doing well currently. In fact I might be combining my efforts with a fellow student, Casey Cho, to provide material for his project as well. But since this project I was doing was AMAZING~…to me anyway… I decided to tell you guys the steps I took to make my project. … OK FINE my teacher wants us to explain the steps we took for our project so far =__= But I am taking the effort to tell you so listen up!

The start of a complex project and an effort to complete it on time always starts with a schedule or at least a written plan. In this case, Mr.Theriault gave the class (including me) a chance to plan our innovation project ahead of time on a ideaFM powerpoint. Of course this was the barest plan and not very accurate due to it just being deadlines to follow.
ideaFM plan

While I was able to set deadlines for myself, I still needed a way to get books donated to me. I needed a way where people can just donate it with me standing there looking like a creeper and waiting, so I began drawing out diagrams and possible options. Eventually I came up with a donation box, with a lid that can be opened to retrieve books from. Here is the sketch I made early on. A little messy yes but gets the job done.

Once I finished with the easiest part of the process, I had to move on to the next step…gathering materials. Normally this shouldn’t be that hard, getting a box large enough for some books and a flap to cover the top. The thing is, I wanted it so that the flap would be able to fit snuggly into the top of the box, have it easy to open the flap, and still leave enough space to just slide books in(I’m fickle like that-leave me alone). My success in finding the perfect box and cover took me longer than I expected…way too long. Even then, the flap I am using doesn’t cover the top of the box entirely, leaving a small slip. I plan on just using it as a way for people to slip their books in without having to open the flap. Luckily I have crayons, markers, and pens/pencils at home so I had that covered.

I would like to say I was on a roll and started my project the second I got the materials…but then I would be lying. It took me a bit of time, but eventually I was motivated enough to start wrapping the box what white poster paper. The reason for this was I wanted the box to be perfectly white, allowing me to easily start drawing and decorating without previous pictures or logos to hinder me. The process took lots of glue dots…it was annoying and slow but eventually I was able to finally place the white construction paper on and it looked clean.

Step 4: Drawing a Master Piece
Finally I began to draw, and at first I didn’t know what to draw. It took me a few minutes, but since my project was based on books and children, I decided to draw books. Naturally since I am a guy, the first few sketches on the box was…horrifying to say the least. After half an hour of work, I finally drew what seemed like cute books (in my mind anyways).

Step 5: Coloring the Cartoon
My last step in decorating the box that I have put much effort into making was coloring. In order to make it stand out, I decided to make most of the words different but bright colors. Hopefully it will draw attention to the words and get the message across… that I WANT SOME DONATED BOOKS PEOPLE~! In the picture the box isn’t fully colored but I that is due to me trying to decide what is the best colors to continue with. I don’t want this box to look like a kindergartener went wild with color without knowing what color matches with what.

What I plan on doing next now is completing the beautiful cartoons I made, and finally setting it on its way. Hopefully I get more books besides the ones already donated to me (THANKS COUSIN AND FRIENDS WHO ARE READING THIS THAT DONATED BOOKS) and letting Casey include it in his book exchange innovation idea. I might still give some to schools or libraries that but I already gave some.
If you guys are more interested in the progress of my innovation project or want to know more about where the box will be located, it will be posted on this blog as soon as it is out. In addition if you have any tips or ideas you would like to share please comment.

And finally for those who are doing a project that requires similar work to mine, please make sure you have most of the material before hand (not looking around like me) and start on it a bit at least when you gather all the materials. Boxes can be found in Costco easily and can be bought at office stores so its a good idea to look around for the best one.