AP English Books: Always Depressing

My AP English class had just recently finished reading the novel 1984, an assigned reading for both in of and out of class. Let me tell you, this was one of the best books that I read in any English class. It was both easier to read than other novels like Shakespeare since it was written in 1900s (thank god for that) and an enjoyable read since it had sci-fi and suspense. *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* As I reached the final part of the book, I was disappointed to read that not only has the protagonist fallen to the will of Big Brother, but his relationship with Julia will forever be damaged and their love for each other broken. It was then where I both cursed the reading requirements of AP classes and realized that almost all AP English class books had one thing in common. They are all DEPRESSING.


Don’t agree with me? The books in my English classes had me read were all pretty depressing. An example would be Othello. What was a book about a best friend tricking you and lying to you becomes a husband killing his wife in jealousy and then finding out she was always faithful, finding out you killed her and didn’t give her one day to live after begging…and if you had waited you would have seen she was innocent. FAN-FU**ING-TASTIC! Are you freaken kidding me? This is the type of book you want people to read? Made me want to throw the book at my friend next to me when he laughed!


Not enough proof you say? Another novel I was forced to read in my AP English classes is The Jungle. Now if you had read it before, you would know this story is all about disappointments and depressing news. First they bought a home that is literally sucking their savings down a tube, bring all sorts of problems with having the money to support themselves. Next, the protagonist finds out that his wife has been blackmailed into sleeping with the boss and he is then fired after confronting the man. Sounds absolutely happy right? And then we find out after a trip in the country side, he comes back and works which is good right? Helping support the rest of his relative and his only son. ONLY TO FIND OUT HIS SON DIES IN THE STREET FROM DROWNING! I mean come on! Is this guy’s life all about how hellish it is?!

The Jungle

Get it yet? Almost all the books that the AP English classes made us read, have all had one thing in common. Almost always having a bit of hope in the beginning and then crushing it under its little dirty pages. I am honestly anticipating how horrifying the next book have to read will be like. That way next time those novels literally throw in more tragedy, at least I would have hardened my heart enough to take it.


Humans: The Natural Disaster

I will start off with some shocking news that gave me the inspiration to write this post today! In the last week, two earthquakes hit my city, both were above the 3.0 Richter Scale line. Each was powerful enough to cause the city to move, not to mention shake my house! …But I honestly did not think that it was important enough to do more than be a hilarious update in on my friends Facebook page. Imagine my surprise when I found the story on the news the very next day. I began to question why these stations are willing to report the two earthquakes, even though they did not do much (if any) harm. Maybe it was just a slow news day? I played it off, while thinking how similar it was similar to news like how one of the Kardashians being married or some other non-newsworthy report that was able to be passed off as “news”. Then heard about the 8.0 earthquake in Chile…That was a true newsworthy article, as not only was it a powerful earthquake that collapsed homes and killed people, but it also resulted in a tsunami to form. Again, I could not help but compare this destruction to something that humans have done. That day, I realized how much the human species was to natural disasters and their results.


The human species has resided in this earth about a minute, if compared to a clock that is the total time the Earth had been in existence. In that minute of existence, humans brought upon much change as all other occurrences throughout the time periods. Humans, like natural disasters, are capable of unbelievable amounts of damage…yet are also capable of doing little. For instance, humans can be in the activity of cutting trees down in a pattern. The result is growth of younger trees due to the extra source of sun light, and the little displacement of animal homes. However, humans are also capable of damages unseen before…like the atomic bombs dropped during WWII. The deaths and destruction was like having the epicenter of a large tornado and earthquake occur right where the bombs were dropped. Both humans and natural disasters are capable of untold amounts of harm.


Now the similarities based on news. The result of human activities, large or small, are always reported on the news. From the revolution of a country to a report on the activities of the Justin Bieber, it seems that all activities of humans can be seen on TV. All these news seem to be more dramatized then they actually are. It’s just like how the news reports disasters. From the small earthquake felt in my city to the devastating results of Hurricane Katrina, all news based on Natural Disasters are reported in a dramatic flare.

In the end, after viewing the reports from the news station, I recognized similarities in reports and destruction. Maybe its because I am not ignorant to how devastating my species is, or maybe I’m just overly depressed about my species…but I could not help but notice how alike the human species is to natural disasters, both on the destructive results and how we hear about them.

Humankind less humane than animals?

Man-kind. Currently the species with the largest population and possibly since the beginning of the mammal age. If we look closely at the human race, it is noticeable that we humans have no superior physical qualities that has made us the “superior” species. The only factor that has raised humans up to the tip of the food chain, is our ability to think (self-consciousness) and create. Those elements are what make us human…but these traits are twisted to the point we become worse than animals.

One thing we humans pride ourselves on is our brain power and abilities to create new items, it is what makes our species so special. Humans are the only mammals to create such complex tools, from the common can opener to the ingenious internet. These inventions and innovations are solely found in the human race, as all other animals are only capable of less. However, the end result on what is invented and if it for the good of the people or not, depends on the creator. How are we humans sometimes less human than animals? Think about it. We humans have developed so many different types of weapons, in an effort to exterminate each other more effectively than the previous way. From spears to arrows to gun to missile launchers to bombs/bombers, it goes on and on. Weapons continue to develop to make the most efficient way to kill mass numbers with a single object. No other animal in our world kills their own species as much as we do! In order to obtain more land in the past, we humans have killed each other for territory. We have dropped nuclear bombs to win wars. While there is always a reason, it is still not a good thing.
Weapons evolution
Want more proof? Torture. Think about it. Torture did not just suddenly exist on our planet and no other animal really practices it either. I thing it is reasonable to say we, the human species, are the ones to develop/come up with torture. The act of inflicting as much physical or mental harm to another being in order to get information (or our own satisfaction) is cruel beyond belief. Criminals, government officials, and police forces around the world commit this heinous action, in secrecy or announce it to the public. One noticeable time period where torture was used most was during WWII, the Nazi’s killed and tortured millions of Jews, all because they had a different religion. During the dynasty period of china there were tortures such as finger crackers, where prisoners had there fingers put between iron rods and stringers were pulled so the iron rods would close together till the bones would break. Our history is full of with the creation of new and worse ways to harm each other.
Water Torture
While we humans have done some good for the people and the environment and it can be seen as “good” and “kind”, we humans have done as much wrong. In the end it is hard to tell if we humans are as grand as we seem.

Prince Hamlet, New favorite Shakespeare character

My English class has just recently gone further into the Shakespeare novel, “Hamlet”. I had always thought those “classic” novels tend to be boring and tend to have confusing characters, so when we started reading “Hamlet” in class I already predicted how I would feel…I was proven wrong today. True it was a bit boring at first, but now that we have gotten to the meat of the novel I must say I was surprised with how Prince Hamlet was…for the better of course.

First off, I love how Prince Hamlet isn’t portrayed as one of those “always be good” type of characters. This is shown by how he acts towards Ophelia after she breaks up with him, like a jerk. But in a way, Shakespeare makes Prince Hamlet easier to relate to and humanizes him. Add the fact Prince Hamlet is willing to get revenge and make the King suffer for killing his father makes him seem much more realistic and dark. For those reasons, Prince Hamlet will be one of my most favorite characters in Shakespeare’s novels.

Anosognosia: You don’t know…you don’t know

Now, for those who don’t know what anosognosia is, it is the idea of people being unaware of the existence of their own disability or being too ignorant to know that they are ignorant. For those who understood the idea congratulations, you got it quicker than I did.

For people who don’t know it, it is the idea that a person is so ignorant, that they did not know what they did or will do is not possible. Or another example is a person who was coming up with solutions to problems, did not think of one solution due to not knowing about a problem. Get it? Good.

Why did I decide to throw this word out there and explain it? The reason is, people (especially students) have this mental illness…well not exactly this. I just wanted to warn students that they are doing an imitation, due to students not willing to think before they do…or don’t do. Students, with their carefree nature and their idea of “no homework during the weekend, that is a time to relax” prevents them from thinking that they should check to see if there is homework or quizzes coming up right after the weekend. In the end it is just poor insight. This can become a habit and thus affect your future. So basically shape up guys, think before you act…or in this case always think out everything to insure you don’t get bit on the butt later on.


Othello: 1st post~

In our current AP English class, our teacher decided to read about Othello. Now we got pretty far in the story and should finish it any day now. So, might as well tell what the story seems to convey or/and compare it to events (occurrences) and society norms in real life.

In many ways, Othello points out some of societies (and human) flaws that still are present today. The idea of evil being anywhere in your life. Othello represents the monster of jealousy and suspicion we humans can become. In the story Othello, Desdemona remained faithful ever since they married around a week before. Othello believed that he loved Desdemona, yet a single “thought” from Iago changed Othello from a kind and caring husband and friend into a raging jealous beast that doubts his own wife without cause. In the end, he does not kill the supposed reason his wife was “unfaithful” but rather killed Desdemona without hearing her side of the story, only because of suspicion.

Yet this story does have a sad truth to it. From jealousy, humans can do unbelievably dark thinks. While in the story Othello tries to smother his wife to death (which is quite dark), today husbands do much worse. On the news, a Mexican husband records himself cutting off his wife’s head for cheating on him. Now, judging how Mr.Theriault reacted so amazing last time I showed a gruesome picture on one of my posts (which I removed by the ways)…I decided to you tell you how to find it on google. Just look up “Man kills wife for cheating”. Amazing what the internet has now doesn’t it?

I’m was just waiting for the fall…

Everyone things they have a cruddy job. “Oh man, I had to clean the bathroom today! Dude it was so dirty! I mean $h** was everywhere!” or “My manager is such a jerk, he made me actually work today! Man, if want me to work you should have hired someone more expensive!”

Well I would say this guy has a much worse job than most people have. He is a radio tower repairman. What does that mean? check out the video and see.

By now I hope you have finished watching that video. The entire time I was just waiting for the moment where he screws up and falls to his doom. I am so optimistic, I know. ANYWAYS so I was thinking this video is sort of “mayhem” since it was an activity seems pretty…I don’t know… LIFE RISKING! Who would want to take this job without being drunk first?…maybe he is? Anyways it may not be a job with a lot of mayhem, but I am sure if  I took it, don’t expect the radio tower to turn back on anytime soon.