For those who have been keeping track of my donation idea to give children’s books and novels to public libraries or schools, you guys know the last deadline has passed. However, due to the possibilities for more books, I plan on extending the deadline. Hopefully even more books will be placed into the box. The box is located in the Fountain Valley High School library, as such students must be the ones to donate books. SO I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING MY FELLOW STUDENTS DONATE THEIR BOOKS! šŸ˜€ The last day to donate books is before 5th period on 3/05/14. Please donate before then.



The “Killer” End of Hamlet

FINALLY~! My APEL class has finally finished the Shakespearian novel Hamlet. I have to say, the end of the novel was quite interesting for me, with the main cast all dying (besides Horatio). My take on the end? It gave us a solid end to the story of revenge and betrayal, no disappointment that Prince Hamlet never got to marry Ophelia, no question on how the Queen would react with the death of her new husband and her son, and no ongoing continuation with the appearance of Fortenbras. In a sense, the ending scene gave us a fitting how all humans end up…dead.

I have to say though, the end of the story reminded me of many of Shakespeare’s other plays such as Othello and Romeo and Juliet. It almost seems to me he has a habit of killing off his main characters. This itself makes the novels he wrote different from today’s novels. Most of the time, it is always a happy end, or at least a ending with the protagonists surviving. Shakespeare’s novel represent TO ME of a era where death is a common thing at a young age, and shows how different our society (and our standards in writing) are different today.

Gulliver’s Travels and the World

As you all know, I am taking an AP English class this year and thus must read appropriate books. A name caught my interest as I skimmed through the books that would be considered “AP”. The book was called: Gulliver’s Travels. As I read the book, I was marveled by the amazing creatures and species that Gulliver came across by accident, like the small species of people who tied him up…but also fed him whenever he wanted…strange beings. And that got me to remember, there is a movie on Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black!

I have yet to watch the movie yet, but since I am enjoying the beginning of the book (even thought it is in the old language) I’m pretty sure I will love the modern twist on the novel. However, I can see there will be some differences between the movie and the novel. The novel focused on Gulliver traveling to many different places, and not just his discovery of the smaller race. If you look at the movie cover, you can see Gulliver standing over a town and nothing else. It can be deduced that the movie will revolve around his encounter with the smaller race and town, making it different from the novel (which Gulliver has travels, finding many species and different people).

In the end, I am sure the novel will hold many more surprises for me to enjoy since I am still just in the beginning. I am also going to watch the movie itself, and hopefully with Jack Black playing Gulliver, I can enjoy it as much as I am enjoying the novel.

Innovative meme helps me?!

As I said before in a previous post, my class is working on a project focused on innovation. I was struggling to do the project since I thought I was suppose to come up with my own innovation. I was going stir crazy trying to come up with an idea to get a good grade on this project, thinking that it had to be some huge totally useful project that would be liked by anyone…until I talked to Mr. Theriault and saw this picture:


This picture helped me understand that innovation doesn’t have to be all inspiring and a totally new idea that fixes a major problem. It can be solving a problem as small as just stirring batter mix for a cake, solved by attaching a pair of scissors to a drill. Such a small problem and such a simple solution…yet it is still innovation. For this project, I realize that I don’t have to come up with complex solution to a world wide problem, I just need to come up with a solution to fill a need that I see or think our community has.

The Manure Pile

In my English class, we were introduced to a new process called Bad Idea Farming. It’s main uses was to come up with bad ideas that we can exclude from out class project. Mr. TheriaultĀ tells the class to go form groupsĀ to come up with some bad ideasĀ for needs and come up with a name for the process. So I am pitching the name, the Manure Pile, since all those bad ideas will contribute to the growth of better ideas to come. Basically we are suppose toĀ find needs and fill them (…no jokes).

So we begin to come up with ideas for needs and problems we know about. Mr. Theriault also comes and reminds us about a problem with traffic…then comes the interesting part. Theriault tells us that people should be able to have these dart guns that people can shoot at cars with horrible drivers, and for every dart the car is sucked up and put into a sort of time out. So Cong,Ā a friend of mine, comes up with an idea on how to deal with horrible drivers all together. Two words…Rocket Launchers. His brilliant idea is attaching rocket launchers to street lights, andĀ having it fire at bad drivers. I say…LETS DO IT! It would totally get rid of our traffic problems and forceĀ people to actually drive well from now on, at risk of being to smithereens. All I can say is, why stop at street lights? Why not add it to cars as well to let the people decide? (there will be a warning system of course)

I’m a bad driver? OH H3LL~ NO!