I’m was just waiting for the fall…

Everyone things they have a cruddy job. “Oh man, I had to clean the bathroom today! Dude it was so dirty! I mean $h** was everywhere!” or “My manager is such a jerk, he made me actually work today! Man, if want me to work you should have hired someone more expensive!”

Well I would say this guy has a much worse job than most people have. He is a radio tower repairman. What does that mean? check out the video and see.

By now I hope you have finished watching that video. The entire time I was just waiting for the moment where he screws up and falls to his doom. I am so optimistic, I know. ANYWAYS so I was thinking this video is sort of “mayhem” since it was an activity seems pretty…I don’t know… LIFE RISKING! Who would want to take this job without being drunk first?…maybe he is? Anyways it may not be a job with a lot of mayhem, but I am sure if  I took it, don’t expect the radio tower to turn back on anytime soon.