Human and the Good

Hello Friendly Viewers~! Its time I wrote another blog post for you guys to enjoy, and this time I hope to make it a bit more optimistic than my past posts. So a previous post was based on the evils humans are willing to commit, and while there are bound to have agreements, a viewer recommended I also put into account the positives that humans are capable of and not just the evils. Thus for this post I plan on making it mostly about humans and their ability to do good.
While true that humans can be selfish, I mean just look at most of our government officials and corporate fat cats, there is still some generosity that can be found in our lives. The homeless, the percentage of homeless make a small percentage of the United States, but are steadily growing due to lack of jobs and population growth for the last few decades (with innovation). For homeless begging in the street humans will at times give change, but that isn’t enough. However, there are some great people who will have those homeless people join them for a meal and present more than a bit of pocket change or even just treat the homeless as people. Those people are the ones that are truly good people. Of the homeless, there are actually families with children that cannot afford to buy something decent to eat. As a result, schools and religious groups will hold fundraisers to raise food or toys for these families.

While there is lots of other good things that humans have done, like care for the environment and animals (after other humans have literally destroyed those environments and killed a lot of those animals), the main purpose of this article is to basically say we humans aren’t too bad. Even if we do tend to be destructive and can often times fall to the glories of evil, we aren’t actually that bad.