Importance of Comedy

Comedy is a genre with a large amount versatile and variety in its history. Why? The reason is the idea of comedy and/or “funnies” are all based on the opinion of the beholder. Each person has an idea of what is funny and what is not for themselves, and while often times people can share the idea of what is humorous, there will be times when it will differentiate. Even though comedy can be found almost everywhere today, not many know humor and laughter are actually very important in our lives. How you may ask? READ THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPHS TO FIND OUT! 😀

Comedy actually provides laughter or just lighter feelings among the people who come into contact with it. Through movies, stand-up comedy, novels, and other artistic forms. There are many different types of comedy as well, dealing with cartoon characters hurting themselves, making fun of everyday life, or mistakes that seem hilarious to others (since it didn’t happen to them). Comedy is very versatile, not set in stone or contained into a single guideline.
Comedy Tom and Jerry

We all know that life is full of hardship and many times sadness. Many times it also adds a lot of pain, just for the kick of it. What I am trying to say, life can be a jerk, and as a result sometimes it is hard to remain cheerful. If the stress, pain, or sadness continue to build without stop it can result in increased suicide rates in cities, like Seattle (due to constant cloudy and rainy weather). This is where comedy comes in. Laughter is proven to lower stress levels and blood pressure and since comedy can provide laughter or lighter feelings, it can often times help out in times of stress or turmoil in our lives.

Comedy also has an important part in the artistic side of life. Each person has their own sense of humor, as a result comedians who work side by side with humor to produce the most efficient results create “art”. For instance the comedic art of humor through pain, like the television show the Three Stooges or even Tom and Jerry. Comedy provided new ideas and styles of humor that today needs for television, novels, and overall in art.
Comedy Three Stooges
In the end, comedy has a part in all our lives and has a part in our overall health. Without comedy, many people today might have died due to stress built up from work or the horrible occurrences in life. We all need those cheerful light moments in our lives…much more than we think we do.