DIY Project: BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS The Final Post

I am both happy and sad to report that the DIY project assigned by my APEL class is finally coming to an end. And as all ends require, I need to explain how my project went. So my faithful readers who were expecting another one of my strange posts, please wait for next week. This week is a post on how my DIY Project went overall.

The Project (The Idea and the Goal)
I have mentioned that I originally had multiple ideas planned out and had to choose one. In the end I chose the idea that I believed had an element from all the other project options I came up with. As a result, the DIY Project that I began to work on was to set up a donation box for books and donate those books to public libraries. The original goal was to successfully raise a large amount of children books, since those books are likely to be made to last and are the ones both parents and teens are willing to give away (Parents and teens most likely NO LONGER READ children books, so its easier to donate). As a result there would be plenty of new or clean books for the library to put onto shelves or to give to kids who don’t have books at home to read.


The Project Plan
As with all great and successful projects or ideas, they start with a plan. Can be either a good plan or a bad plan, but in this case it was a simple plan. The first thing I had to do was to obtain permission to have the box for donations allowed in our school library. I originally thought I had to take it all the way to the principals office for permission, but decided to go with asking the librarian. I would then go and create the donation box and set it up. Every week, books would be collected and by the end of the project, all the books would be donated at once.

ideaFM plan

The Project Result
The result of the project is actually on the fence I believe. For the donation box, in the beginning it wasn’t much of a success. 2 months went by with only 3 books, and at first I had no idea what was wrong with it. My teacher, Mr. Theriault finally recommended me to donate some books of my own first. You know…to make it seems like others were donating too (make a fake trend). Thankfully after that was done, books began coming in more frequently and in higher numbers. At the end, the donation box became a good success and all thanks to my brilliant AP English teacher, Mr. Theriault.


Then came the donating portion of the books. The librarian I originally talked to said that me donating books to them was something they would gladly accept, but that was pretty early in the school year. As a result, the time for me to actually bring a lot of the books in, they could only take half and put it into the shelves. One reason was the condition of some of the books and the other reason is because the excess of some of the books (like Harry Potter). As a result, they recommended that some of the books would be placed into the library store, where they will be sold for 1 dollar or less. I accepted this solution, since this way children don’t have to return books to the library and actual purchase their own books at a much lower price at which it would be bought at a bookstore like Barnes and Noble. (Here is a picture of where the books will be going)

Fountain valley library book store

Success or Failure?
So in the end…I would honestly say that the project was a success. I succeed in creating a decorative donation box. My project received permission from the school library to set up the donation box and received free advertisement by the librarian who checked books out. The donation box receive many donated books, most of which were children books (the sought after object). And finally the library was able to use some of the books I obtained from the project. Sure, some of the books were placed in the store but it also helped with the original goal, donating books for children to be able to read and enjoy. The store made the books much cheaper and the children could actually keep the books instead of just borrowing them for a few day and having to return it later. This way, the children can actually keep the books and have books to read anytime they wanted. I believe my project worked out in the end.

P.S. Sadly the librarians did not feel comfortable with me taking pictures of them taking the books or having regular people checking books out due to privacy issues and possibly sue for not getting permission, so I could not take many pictures. Thankfully they allowed me to take pictures of the library store.